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mixed bag at the top. that's population-based group. you look at percentage growth, massachusetts was ranked number one. and the city with the most new millionaires over the past year was new york city. again, a 12-plus percent when you add in the city and state. the bottom line here is, you know, both sides are wrong when they say that tax rates determine the number of millionaires. you know, particularly those who say that if you tax the wealthy, they will leave -- >> zach is dying to get in here. >> i'm glad you did this study. it shows this is such an ideological based discussion. i suppose you could take your argument and say higher rates cause millionaires. that would be the wrong argument to make. >> now, wait a minute. let me play devil's advocate. say you have a society where stock market is increasing, people are getting money because of that, the value of their assets is increasing, maybe the tax rate is moving higher for other reasons, you want to fund expansion of programs and those people are spending. i see nothing contradictory about that. >> the other thing that's
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1

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